Ahmer Rana

I met last week with Ahmer Rana – the 17 year old QE High School pupil who lives in my constituency and faces deportation to Pakistan after reaching his 18th birthday on Christmas Day. After what must have been a terrifying ordeal, Ahmer arrived safely in the UK and has lived in Carmarthenshire since 2008.

With successive UK Governments preoccupied with lowering immigration statistics, Ahmer’s case is an example of individual circumstances not being taken in to consideration. After meeting with Ahmer and his foster parents it was evident that this is a genuine asylum case and I wasted no time in writing to the UK Minister for Immigration to request he personally intervenes in the case.

Ahmer is a well-liked and respected member of the community. He is a school prefect and a popular member of Drefach Cricket Club. Having successfully passed his GCSE exams, Amher is studying his ‘A’ levels with the hope of studying Accountancy at University.

Wales and the UK have a proud tradition of assisting those seeking asylum. We are seeing this welcoming tradition continuing as Ahmer’s school peers take the lead in collecting signatures for their petition at the Christmas lights switch on in Carmarthen, and starting a Facebook campaign which has over 400 members. The Journal is also to be congratulated on its high profile campaign; encouraging the people of Carmarthenshire to speak up for Ahmer.

As the season of goodwill approaches I would urge the community to pull together and to support Ahmer’s campaign.

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  1. Just to clarify, our Facebook Campaigns number of members has climbed to 1130, and still Rising. We hope that this won’t go unnoticed. Diolch yn Fawr.

  2. My wife and I (who lived in Carmarthen for 30 years 1978 to 2008) feel very strongly that someone in government should be able and willing to veto the moves by the immigration authorities to expel this young man, in the name of common sense and humanity. We support a carefully restricted immigration policy but it should be possible to make exceptions to the rules in individual deserving cases such as this clearly is. We want to add our names to the petition without going onto Facebook. How can we do that please?

  3. Another twist in our mad mad country….last week we let a lunatic child killer stay…this week we are deporting a thoughtful, hardworking, intelligent boy with potential to achieve……good luck, I hope you can help this boy.

  4. Our government has decided that he cannot stay here, that he has no right to stay here, so he should return to Pakistan.

  5. Facebook has over 1,700 members now and I am going to invite all my lot to support this and also see if The Association of British Muslims can assist in any way.

    Mr Edwards thanks for your support

  6. Every deportation case, every asylum case, must be fought using this. A massive advance in democracy, in the participative nature of law, that has been hushed up, ignroed by the media and politics, for 11 years. I always offer it to every campaign. Nobody has ever refuted that it is right. If they tried, they would have to claim that a court is allowed to reverse the order of events in time. The point of the court change is this: it puts an end to the mediaeval power of final decisions. it makes all decisions open endedly faultable on their reasoning, hence accountable to be properly reasoned and have no corrupt ignoring of some of the details of the person’s case. Ahmer needs this, so do Gamu Nhengu and Precious Mhango.

    COURT CHANGE: since 7 July 1999 all court or other legal decisions are open-endedly faultable on their logic, instead of final. “Open to open-ended fault finding by any party”. Its shifting of power in favour of ordinary people ensures that it has been under a media silence. Still, it is on publicly traceable record through petitions 730/99 in the European, PE6 and PE360 in the Scottish, parliaments.

    This follows from my European Court of Human Rights case 41597/98 on a scandal of insurance policies requiring evictions of unemployed people from hotels. This case referred to violation of civil status from 13 May 1997, yet the admissibility decision claimed the last stage of decision taken within Britain was on 4 Aug 1995. ECHR has made itself illegal, by issuing a syntactically contradictory nonsense decision that reverses the physics of time, and calling it final. This violates every precedent that ECHR member countries’ laws recognise the chronology of cause and effect, in court evidence.

    Hence, the original ECHR is now, and since then, an illegal entity, because it broke all preexisting precedent that courts recognise the correct order of time, and it claimed a power of finality to issue decisions whose content is a factual impossibility. But for the original ECHR to lapse in this way, also breaches the European Convention’s section on requiring an ECHR to exist. Hence, this section requires the member countries to create a new ECHR that removes the original’s illegality. The source of the illegality being left standing was in the claimed power of final decision. Hence, the only way the new court can remove the illegality is by being constituted such that its decisions are not final. If decisions are not final, the only other thing they can be is open-endedly faultable.

    This requires the courts in the member countries to be compatible with open-ended decisions and with doing in-country work connected to them. Hence, legal decisions within the member countries’ courts also cease to be final and become open-ended, in all the Council of Europe countries.

    The concept of “leave to appeal” is abolished. Every party in a case is automatically entitled to lodge a fault finding against any decision, stating reasons. These are further faultable in return, including by the original fault finder, stating reasons. A case reaches its outcome when all fault findings have been answered or accepted.

  7. It upsets me to read, and hear, of all the things these people have to endure just to get to safety in Britain.
    It doublely upsets me when I hear about sportsmen and women given status or British citizenship, so that we can be ” victorious” in whatever sport it is. I cite Zola Budd, Allan Lamb and, more recently, Kein Pieterson. These people do not have their lives under threat, except to sports fans should they not perform the miracles they were intended to in their given field. My friend, Zola, has lived in Wales for 18 years, in constant worry that the next knock on the door may be the authorities wanting to deport her, she doesn’t run fast, like her namesake, so she wasn’t offered citizenship immediatly. Her namasake only accepted the offer so as to avoid the appartied ban on the olymic games. Once the games were over, she returned to South Africa and, as far as I’m aware, has never returned!!!!
    I’m glad to announce that my friend has received her papers, so she can relax and enjoy life.
    I wish you all the best, Ahmer, and don’t lose hope and keep fighting for what’s right.
    Take care and may 2011 be your year of safety.

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