Call for finances to be ring fenced after Brynamman Communities First misses out

Calls have been made for Assembly money to be ring fenced in the Brynamman community after the Assembly’s Social Justice Minister Carl Sargeant announced that funding for communities first projects in the area would not be continued. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM has now written to the Minister urging him to make sure that the funding is used for other projects in the valley.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I am naturally disappointed that the decision has been made to stop funding for the communities first project but am hopeful that the money will be redistributed within the Brynamman area. I have written to the Minister asking him to ring fence the funding to make sure that people in Brynamman do not miss out. There is certainly a recognised need for social projects in the community and I hope that this funding will be used to assist in creating another scheme.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“There are social and economic challenges in Brynamman that do need to be addressed. Investing in projects that will help the whole community are vital and I only hope that the money can be secured within the valley.”

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