ConDem Housing Benefit Cuts Slatted

Minister and Housing Charities speak out against ruthless cuts

Welsh Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies has today backed six leading Welsh charities that have joined forces to demand a rethink by the ConDem government on their plans to cut housing benefit. The Plaid Cymru AM said that the ConDem’s own findings show that their plans will have dire consequences leading to an increase in poverty and homelessness. An assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has shown that over 99% of claimants will be affected, that the private rented sector will shrink by 20% and that homelessness is likely to increase.

Jocelyn Davies AM said that the Welsh government has been working hard to tackle homelessness and poverty and warned that these plans could undo that work and would hit Wales particularly hard. She urged the ConDem government to think again

Plaid Cymru AM and Welsh Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies said:

“I’m fully in support of the action that these charities are taking. The ConDem government’s plans show a complete lack of understanding of the situation here in Wales. The lack of affordable housing has long been an issue in many communities across Wales and since Plaid went into government we have been working hard to tackle this problem. The ConDems’ proposals would price even more people out of the market and exacerbate the problem further.

“What’s more the plans could lead to people being pushed out of bigger cities and into areas with lower house prices, leading to even greater pressure on services in those areas. If the ConDem government wants to spend less on housing benefits then they need to increase the provision of affordable housing, as we have been doing in Wales. The question is if more affordable housing is not made available, but housing benefits are reduced, where are people expected to go? It is clearly going to lead to more homelessness and poverty. This is an attack on the most vulnerable in our society and it will cause huge problems for our communities as a whole in the long term.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Housing problems remain one of the issues that I deal with most often. Housing benefit is essential to people in Carmarthenshire and many will struggle if it is cut. I am really angry that the coalition in Westminster is planning on targeting those in need. It will undoubtedly lead to a very difficult situation in which people will seriously have difficulty making ends meet financially.”
Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I am appalled that after all the hard work Jocelyn and the One Wales government have done in tackling housing issues in Wales the ConDem government are pushing ahead with these cuts to housing benefit. I am sure that people in the county will be asking themselves why they would ever support a Conservative or Lib Dem candidate again when they are seeing such important benefits as this withdrawn. This is a heartless approach to government designed to make the residents of areas like Carmarthenshire pay for the mistakes that were made by city bankers in London.”

3 Responses to “ConDem Housing Benefit Cuts Slatted” [latest first]

  1. Cameron and his people will make life hell for all the poor people in the UK. This is only the start.

  2. the people on housing benefit will have to move to cheaper houses which there are many.if they dont like that then why not get a job and earn more money to pay for a better house? why are we paying these people to do nothing? there are millions of eastern european people that have come here to work so there are loads of jobs out there these benefits people are just lazy ! i for one are very happy the cuts will affect these people as they have been living the easy life too long.

  3. If this Coalition is serious on reducing housing benefit then Cap the Rent the Landlords charge and not the Housing benefit itself.

    Build more social housing,not reduce the housing stock.Get rid of the right to buy.

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