Letter following election as candidate

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express my deep humility for being elected to succeed my great friend Adam Price and the honour for being put forward by my party to contest my home constituency at the forthcoming General Election. I look forward to meeting as many of your readers as possible over the coming months to discuss their concerns and hopes and aspirations.

The London parties have failed our county and country miserably over the last thirty years. The current devastating recession is a direct result of the obsession of both New Labour and the Tories with preserving and enhancing the status of economic elite – the casino bankers and speculators that have wreaked havoc with our economy. As a former Head of Policy for the Citizens Advice service in Wales, I’m only too aware of the human destruction caused by the reckless policies pursued by the cosy New Labour – Tory partnership in Westminster.

My father was a Trade Union shop steward during his working life, and he committed his life to protecting the livelihoods of working people. I find it hard to understand the betrayal of the modern Labour party. As a result of this recession, a million young people in the UK will be out of work, a lost generation with devastating social consequences. The number of children living in poverty in recent months has rocketed to 2.3 million. At the same time the £1.3 trillion of our money awarded to the banks and a ‘business as usual approach for the London square mile’ means that those responsible for destroying so many lives are already racking in their multi million pound bonuses.

The London parties will never deliver on our dreams and aspirations, because their priorities lie with those that have failed us consistently for far too long. If you elect me, I won’t be going to Westminster as a servant of those that threaten our jobs, our homes and all hope.

Fortunately in Plaid the people of Carmarthenshire and Wales have an alternative. Our priority will always be the people of our communities. Plaid is more than a political party, it is a national movement whose only loyalty is to its people. If we are to move forward then it’s up to us, everyone of us working collectively to achieve the success of other small nations.

My message to those that want change is to join Adam Price MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and our dedicated team of County Councillors and myself. We have the ability to create our own future – to develop our own history. Join our campaign and we will build a modern, prosperous and just Carmarthenshire and Wales that we all can be proud of.

Yn gywir iawn

Jonathan Edwards
Prospective Plaid Cymru Candidate Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

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