Local MP makes case for re-election in National Conference key note speech

Local Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards took to the stage at Plaid Cymru’s national conference this weekend and made his clear and positive case for re-election in 2015; setting out some of the priorities he and his Plaid Cymru colleagues would be presenting in the next Westminster election.

Speaking to the party faithful in Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Friday, the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP outlined the significant differences that Plaid Cymru brings to Westminster politics.  He also used his key-note speech to again reject the continuous ‘Tory-lite’ strategy of the Labour party and emphasised the division lines between Plaid Cymru and its London-based opponents.

Labelling his speech ‘Political Climate Change’, Jonathan Edwards proudly announced no fewer than eight policies – “a radical platform” – which Plaid Cymru will put to the Welsh electorate in 2015.  These included:


  • Full devolution of energy policy – so that no-one in an energy-rich nation like Wales lives in fuel poverty;
  • A genuine industrial strategy – renewing the Welsh economy and removing the reliance on the London financial square mile;
  • A progressive tax system – reversing the tax cut for millionaires
  • Scrapping of Trident renewal – leaving £100billion to be spent on health, education and infrastructure instead of weapons of mass destruction.

The Carmarthen East & Dinefwr MP has been a strong critic of both Welsh and UK governments since his election in 2010 and of both governments’ lack of conviction in rebalancing the UK economy away from its dependency on financial square mile in London. 

In his speech that gained a standing ovation from the audience, Jonathan Edwards said:

“Westminster embodies the old politics for the elite by the elite.   I had hoped that the great financial crash of 2008 and the longest lasting recession since records began might have changed matters.

“I thought the complete collapse of the neo liberal economic order might lead to the Westminster political class finally realising that a more equitable economic strategy was required where the proceeds of wealth are not funnelled to the very few – but shared amongst all.

“I was convinced that the Labour party would renege on its Tory-lite strategy. That they would admit that in trying to out-Tory the Tories they had betrayed those communities that had been so faithful over the decades.

“How wrong could I be?  Despite this disastrous Tory Lib Dem Administration using economic catastrophe as an excuse to pursue their ambitions of redefining the role of the State and their obsession with small government – Labour has signed up to the exact same spending plans as this Tory Administration following the next election.

“Let’s be crystal clear here, Labour has signed up to Tory spending plans lock stock and barrel.   In doing so, they have committed to implementing the same small government model.  It’s an incredible strategic decision that shapes all other policy decisions – but has hardly been mentioned in dispatches.

“Remember this message loud and clear whilst campaigning in 2015, there is not a single penny between the overall spending plans of the three London parties.   If people want change from the Tories and the Lib Dems there’s no point voting for Labour.  Edward Miliband admits he has no intention of reversing the current governments’ cuts.”


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