MP co-sponsors Bill to give power to shoppers

Jonathan Edwards the Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr will this week co-sponsor a Bill in Westminster which would give shoppers new price information rights and challenge the disproportionate power currently held by supermarkets.

The new Bill from John Denham MP is set to be introduced on 15th January and is aimed at delivering a good deal for consumers.

Mr Edwards said he hoped the Bill would help redress the balance of power between supermarkets and shoppers, and encourage entrepreneurs in technology to develop consumer friendly apps that would enable buyers to compare prices and secure the best bargains.

Mr Edwards said:

“Supermarkets through their loyalty cards hold a tremendous amount of information on the shopping habits of their customers, and therefore have a huge advantage while shoppers find themselves having to shop around for the best deal.

“The Bill, if it becomes law, will make it easier for shoppers to find the best deals.

“In simple terms the Bill will lead to supermarket prices being registered in one standardised form, enabling smart phone innovators to create consumer friendly apps which would enable shoppers to have instant access to the best deals.

“Shoppers would also be able to get real time monitoring of special offers, discounts and buy one-get one free offers.

“Supermarkets have quite rightly come under considerable criticism for some of their pricing practices. This Bill would give shoppers greater power and force supermarkets to operate in a more transparent and open manner.”


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