‘No consent of the people for Commissioner role’

Carmarthenshire politicians Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have said the new Dyfed Powys Police Commissioner, Christopher Salmon, has no mandate for the role.

The Plaid Cymru politicians, who fiercely oppose the politicisation of the police force, said that Mr Salmon lacked a fundamental principle of policing – he had not obtained the consent of the people.

In what was an extremely low voter turnout across the whole of the UK , the Conservative candidate obtained the backing of just around 8.5% of Dyfed Powys voters.

Commenting just minutes after the result was announced, Assembly Member for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr constituency, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, said:

“The poor turnout in the Dyfed Powys area is a representation of the lacklustre and almost non-existent campaigns run by both candidates.

“Neither candidate presented any meaningful policy objectives other than what the pre-existing police authority was working on.

“Most worryingly is that Mr. Salmon has not once mentioned his opposition to the cuts his Conservative UK Government colleagues are imposing on our force. What is his position on this?

“This is an alien concept which has been forced on welsh police forces. The people of Dyfed Powys don’t want it. The case for devolving policing to the Welsh Assembly has never been stronger.

“The fundamental principle of policing is that it’s done by consent. Christopher Salmon lacks that fundamental principle by not obtaining the consent of the people”.

Constituency colleague Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The vote is an overwhelming rejection of the Police Commissioner role and a consequence of underwhelming policies.

“The supposed role of the Commissioner is to represent the views of the general public. But receiving the backing of just 8.5% of Dyfed Powys voters shows Christopher Salmon has already failed to engage with the people.

“I would be ashamed if I had been elected with just this result – only a shameless politician would accept the hefty salary on such abysmal support.

“Over 90% of the Dyfed Powys electorate did not vote for Christopher Salmon. He has not obtained the consent of people and subsequently has no mandate or moral authority.”


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