Plaid calls for Regional Pay proposals to be consigned to the dustbin of history

Plaid Cymru Treasury spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP has today called for Con-Dem proposals on regional pay to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Mr Edwards, who led a 90-minute debate on regional pay in January where he outlined its potential effects upon Wales, said that the uncertainty over its introduction must come to an end and that the Con-Dem Government must scrap their poorly thought through proposals.

He also warned that Labour had made plans for regional pay as far back as 2003 and that they had gone as far as introducing it in the Courts Service in 2007.

Mr Edwards said:

“Since announcing that they would be looking at regional pay back in the Autumn Statement, George Osborne and the government have wriggled uncomfortably over the effect this would have on the economies of Wales, Northern Ireland and other parts of the British state.

“It is time for their wriggling and back-tracking to end through making a simple announcement that regional pay is a bad idea and is off the table in any form.

“These were Labour’s poor ideas which were first drawn up in 2003 and which were introduced in the Courts Service in 2007. Fortunately they were persuaded not to introduce them in other areas.

“Plaid Cymru have consistently warned of the negative effects that this would have upon the Welsh economy, that it would create low-pay areas, institutionalise low ambition and punch a hole in the local economy.

“These proposals should be consigned to the dustbin of history.”


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