Plaid MP welcomes responsible Welsh budget

Plaid Cymru’s economy spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP has praised the work of the One Wales Government as they announced their budget today. Mr Edwards said that the huge cuts being forced by Westminster on the Welsh budget meant that the Welsh Government was under enormous pressure but that it was clear that One Wales had done all it could to protect vital Welsh public services at such a time.
Mr Edwards said that now was the time for Westminster to show some real respect to Wales by scrapping Labour’s outdated Barnett formula and by investing in long-awaited promises such as the electrification of the Great Western railway line to Swansea.

Commenting, Mr Edwards said:

“Plaid in government is to be commended for producing a budget that puts our communities first unlike the regressive slash and burn cuts announced in the UK budget.

“Given the appalling budget settlement from the ConDems in Westminster – the worst of all the devolved nations – the Welsh budget is under enormous pressure.

“The cuts we are being forced to make by the Tories and Lib Dems are the worst cuts in a generation – they are both deeper and longer – and Wales has suffered the worst settlement of all.

“Despite these difficulties, Plaid has protected the most vulnerable. Ieuan Wyn Jones has been able to protect universal benefits such as the free bus passes which provide a life line to many of our pensioners.

“I would now urge the UK government to do all it can to work with the Welsh Government – to scrap Labour’s discredited formula which has left Wales desperately under-funded for over a decade – and to show some respect for Wales.

“Plaid is ambitious and it is now time for Westminster to stop talking Wales down and work with us. We still need assurances from Westminster that vital infrastructure projects like the promised electrification of the Great Western rail line to Swansea go ahead.”


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