Politicians shell-shocked by military testing site response

Plaid Cymru politicians Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM have continued their campaign against the increased testing of bombs at the military site in Pendine, Carmarthenshire.

Residents of the Ferryside and Llangain communities are affected by the noise levels of the testing with some complaining of vibrations in their home. Residents have formed the STIFLE (St. Ishmaels fights large explosions) action group to campaign for the testing of the bombs to be redirected.

Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas raised constituents’ concerns directly to the First Minister of Wales in the National Assembly this week. Following his questioning, Mr. Thomas said that despite defence not being devolved to the National Assembly he was surprised the Welsh Government had not had any discussions about a decision which effects so many of his constituents. Mr. Thomas went on to say how stunned he was that his neighbouring Assembly Member, Angela Burns, has actively tried to interfere with his representations and to downgrade his constituents’ concerns.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas said:

“I was surprised that the Welsh Government had no discussions with the Ministry of Defence regarding the increased testing and noise levels at the Pendine site.

“The testing is having a detrimental impact on my constituents who, unlike other communities, are not protected from the noise by a land buffer.

“I was stunned to see my Conservative neighbour intervene on this issue and actively seek to stop representations being made to the MoD. I am sure the people of Ferryside and Llansaint will be aghast to know that the Tories are content with their lives being blighted by increased noise levels and increased testing frequency”.

Meanwhile in Westminster, Jonathan Edwards MP has presented the petition from STILFE to the MoD.

“There has been a great deal of support for the testing facility in the past. However the increased testing levels are having a negative impact on the communities I represent.

“We’re sure the concerns can be resolved if the MoD is just prepared to listen”.


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