Ready, Steady, Go!

It seems as if it will be all systems go from tomorrow if as expected the Prime Minister goes to visit the Head of State to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election for Thursday May the 6th. I must admit I’m looking forward immensely to getting the phoney war over with and getting stuck into the formal campaign.

With the polls showing the Tory lead yet again increasing, there are only two possible results – a Tory majority or a balanced Parliament. Both situations provide an opportunity for Plaid Cymru MPs to make a significant impact during the next Parliament. Tomos Livingstone writing for the Western Mail seems to think that even if the Tories win an overall majority, the leadership might prefer to do a deal with Plaid rather than be held hostage by the Euro sceptic wing of his own party. I must admit that I had never thought of that possibility.

I’d like to wish my opponents well, and I hope the election will be conducted in good spirit. I have fought many elections in this constituency over the years, and I have never been involved in any personal attacks or dirty tricks. Unfortunately the same always hasn’t been true of our opponents. Following the series of scandals that have enveloped Westminster politics over recent years, I would imagine that the people of Carmarthenshire will be particularly unimpressed with negative campaigning.

With all the London parties signed up to savage cuts following the election, I will be pressing my opponents to come clean on where exactly the axe will fall. It would be disingenuous of the London parties not to spell out exactly their spending plans for the next Parliament after all pledging their political priority as pursuing cuts at a scale worse than those introduced by Thatcher. The London parties have spent the last months talking to their City of London paymasters in trying to out do each other on public sector cuts – it will be interesting to see how the debate develops when they have to spend a month facing ordinary working people who will bear the brunt of the job losses and service reductions of their agenda.

Our priority is ensuring a return to sustainable economic growth as without growth the deficit and debt will clearly increase if careless cuts lead to a double dip recession. That is why we are placing such an importance on protecting the budget of the Welsh Government. The Welsh economy and Carmarthenshire’s is heavily reliant upon public sector investment and therefore our communities will bear the brunt of the cuts agenda of the London parties. If there is one overriding reason to vote Plaid at this election it’s that more Plaid MPs mean fewer cuts in Wales.

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