Response to Tuition Fees Vote


Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP, tonight slammed Conservative and Liberal Democrats who voted in favour of trebling the higher rate of tuition fees.

The increase to £9,000 was passed by 323 to 302.

Plaid Cymru has proved that it is the only party in Wales committed to protecting students and has decided this evening to offer free student membership to Plaid Cymru for the next 24 hours.

Mr Edwards said:

“The only reason this vote got through was because of the LibDem Ministers.

“The political price of their government roles will be high – this is the biggest breach of trust yet.

“We expect nothing better of the Tories – but the LibDems have u-turned yet again on their principles.

“They have betrayed the trust of young people and future generations by breaking their promise to fight against increasing tuition fees.

“Let’s remember that the principle of free higher education to benefit society was of course broken by the New Labour government back in 1997. Plaid Cymru is therefore the only party fighting for our students and the right to higher education.”


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  1. Well said.

    lest hope the electorate remember this shameful chapter at the next general election.

    Shame on Clegg, shame on those that voted for the increase, and shame on those that sat on the fence.

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