Datganiad – Cais Cynllunio Sainsbury, Llandeilo

A spokesman for Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Sainsbury’s withdrawing the application simply on the basis that the Welsh government has called-in the proposal following its referral by Carmarthenshire County Council shows complete disregard for the national democratic planning process. If delay and uncertainty was the deciding factor, Sainsbury’s would have also withdrawn the Cross Hands application.

“The comments of Welsh government planning officers on the supermarket developments suggest there are concerns regarding the accumulative effect to existing businesses and also question a significant omission in the assessment of the proposals. Sainsbury’s has to yet to comment on those specific issues.

“The local authority, led by the Council Leader, has attacked Mr. Edwards and Mr. Thomas for representing their constituents. Serious questions remain unanswered regarding the Council’s relationship with the supermarket giant and why taxpayers’ resources were used to act as a mouthpiece for this multi-million pound retailer.

“Considering that Sainsbury’s has continued with one application and not the other, it was obviously aware that both applications together contravened Welsh planning policy and would therefore have been refused when called-in. That is why it’s pulled the Llandeilo application. It raises questions about why the applications were recommended for approval in the first instance.

“It is clear the Council’s executive and Sainsbury’s are unhappy with their actions being scrutinised. The decision to withdraw the planning application indicates serious flaws in the planning process and disdain for planning legislation.”


2 Responses to “Datganiad – Cais Cynllunio Sainsbury, Llandeilo” [latest first]

  1. In Llangollen the Developer & Sainsbury’s twisted the LPA around their fingers supported by Ken Skates AM result application granted! The Chief Planning Officer also cleverly got around the Local Member’s approved recommendation to exclude a butcher and delicatessen. Now the Developer has applied to have a condition banning a cafe in store removed. PPW and emerging LDP ignored by Denbighshire CC.

  2. Sorry to here about the Sainsburys plan been abandoned – lets hope for the future of Llamdeilo that the deeply flawed bypass plan is also abandoned. It will ruin the town completely.

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